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Our Faculty Database is compiled of research faculty searchable by their main research areas as well as their departments. If there are any requests for edits or additions to the database please email them to
UT Space InstituteEquipment and Facilities
NameUniversity AffiliationCampusCollegeDeptFaculty RankMain Research Area Contact Information
John SchmisseurUniversity of
Phil KrethUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEAssistantHypersonics, Active Flow Control, Aerothermo dynamics, Optical Diagnostics,
Mark GragstonUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEAssistantLaser and Optical Techniques, Aerothermo Dynamics, Hypersonics, Plasma Flow,
Ragini ArcharyaUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEAssociateCFD, High Performance Computing, Hypersonics, Uncertainty
Paul PaliesUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEAssociatePropulsion, turbo machinery, Hydrogen fuels, low emission
Trevor MoellerUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEAssociatePropulsion, Rocket Propulsion, Electric Propulsion, Micro
Reza AbidiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateComputational Mechanics, solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Energy storage
Feng ZhangUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEFullMicro/Nano Fluidics, MEMS and NEMS, Low Emission Propulsion, Combustion, Hybrid Energy
Ryan BondUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEResearch ProfHigh Temperature Gas Dynamics, Thermo Chemistry, Numerical Methods, Wall Bounded
Jacqueline JohnsonUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEProfessorGlass, glass ceramics, imaging, non-destructive evaluation, storage phosphors, thin films, ion batteries, carbon materials, x-ray and neutron diffraction, nanomaterials, luminescent materials, amorphous
Russell Lee LeonardUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEResearch Assistant Professorglass, glass ceramics, ceramics, radiography, imaging, portal imaging, computed tomography, digital radiography, computed radiography, thin films, ion batteries, carbon, x-rays, neutrons, nanomaterials, luminescent materials, amorphous materials, antimicrobial
Peng ZhaoUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEAssociateCombustion, flame, autoignition, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, computational fluid dynamics, alternative fuel, internal combustion engine, Li-ion battery, chemical kinetics, applied mathematics, asymptotic analysis, battery thermal management, battery thermal runaway, advanced powertrain systems, propulsion
Bruce LaMattinaUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEResearch ProfCeramic metal-matrix composites, Nano Engineered Composites, Failure Mechanisms, Blast Resistant Composites,
Lui LuUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABERes ScientistCold Plasma, material synthesis, battery and fuel cell electrode materials, nanoparticles, metal oxides, polimeric materials,
Alexander TerekovUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABERes AssociateLaser sytems, nano manufacturing, Carbon Nanotubes, carbon nanowires, synthetic diamond
Brian CanfieldUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABERes ScientistApplied optics, non-linear optics, laser materials processing, Bessel Beam Optics,machining columnar electrodes within synthetic diamond
Lino CostaUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEResearch ProfLaser Material Processing, Micro Propulsion Systems, Nano Materials, Energy Storage, Nano
Kivanc EkiciUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullAerodynamic and Aeroelasticity, CFD, Turbo Machinery, Lattice Boltzmann Method, Aerodynamic
Doug AaronUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEResearch ProfHigh perf redox flow battery systems, microbial fuel
Sudarsanam Suresh BabuUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullComputational Material Science, Thero mechanical magnetic coupling, neutron and synchrotron diffraction tools, Laser
Damiano BaccarellaUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssistantHypersonic aerothermodynamics, High Speed Propulsion, High-enthalpy wind tunnels, Plasma Assisted Combustion, Laser Dianostics,
Elizabeth BarkerUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssistantBiomaterial Engineering, Implant Design, Polymer
James CoderUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssistantUltra Efficient Aircraft, High Speed Flow, Hybrid RANS/LES Methods, Turbulence Modeling, Transistion and Turbulence
Brett ComptonUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssistantHigh Performance Materials, Additive Manufacturing, PMC, CMC,
Dustin CrouchUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssistantMusculoskeletal biomechanics, neuromuscular coordination, Physical integration of limb prostheses, Computer biomechanical models and
Hans DeSmidtUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullStructural Dynamics and Vibration, Dynamical Systems and Controls, Mechatronics and Active Structures, Rotordynamics, Gossamer Space
Reja DjeddiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssisantTime-Spectral/Harmonic-Balance Flow Solvers, Solution-Based Adaptive Mesh Redistribution, Convergence Acceleration of Fluid Dynamics
Chad DutyUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateAdditive Manufacturing of polymer and composite structures, anisotropic mechanical behavior, melt flow characterization, Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM)
Emam E. Abdel FatahUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEResearch AssistPervasive and social computing in healthcare, Machine Learning, Biomechanics, Anthropology, Orthopedic Implant Design and
Ryan GinderUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEResearch AssistMechanics of materials, Composites and functional materials, Materials for energy
Bryan GoodUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssistant Cardiovascular biomechanics, biorheology, computational fluid dynamics,
William R. HamelUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullLarge Scale Additive Metals Manufacturing, Nano bio systems, Robot manipulator design and controls,
David K. IrickUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEResearch AssistHybrid electric vehicle design and system integration, Alternative fuels utilization, Computer integrated engineering and
Bradley JaredUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateAdditive manufacturing (AM), Precision engineering, Machine learning for manufacturing processes, Metrology processes, Opto-mechanics and opto-electronics, Hierarchical material design, Meso
Majid KeyhaniUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullDesign and calibration of plug-type heat flux and temperature dual-gauge sensors, Design and calibration of total heat transfer sensors for scramjet combustor, Buoyancy affected fluid flow and heat
Kenneth D. KihmUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullHypersonic cooling management, Chemical vapor deposition (CVD), Neutron imaging, Surface plasmon resonance (SPR), Raman
Richard D. KomistekUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullIn vivo kinematic and kinetic analysis of the human body, Closed and open loop control systems of the human body, Design of total joint implantable
Michael LaCourUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEResearch AssistBiomechanics, In vivo kinematic analysis of the human body, Design and analysis of total joint replacement
James Evans LyneUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateAtmospheric entry of both natural and man-made bodies, Hypersonic aerodynamics, Meteor entry physics, Protein crystal growth and protein crystallography, Physiology of human space
Mahu S. MadhukarUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateProcessing and processing optimization of polymer composites, Mechanical behavior of composite materials, Fiber-matrix interfaces, Heat transfer in composite
Mohamed MahfouzUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullBiomedical instrumentation, Surgical navigation, Orthopedic dynamic modeling, 3D bone and tissue reconstruction, Vascular computational fluid dynamics, Anthropomorphic classificationMohamed Mahfouz | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Matthew M. MenchUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullElectrochemical power conversion and storage, Multi-phase transport visualization, Computational simulation of electrochemical power conversion,Electrochemical methods of hazardous waste conversionMatthew M. Mench | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
William MillerUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABELecturerHigh-temperature thermochemical conversion, advanced thermodynamic cycles, thermal fluid sciences and building scienceWilliam Miller | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Ke NguyenUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateFluidized beds, Lean NOx traps (LNTS), Diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), SRC catalysts and diesel particulate filters (DPF's), Thermal pulsed combustorsKe Nguyen | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Sara HanrahanUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABELecturerIctal Dynamics, Dopamine-Dependent DynamicsSara Hanrahan | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Jeffery A. ReinboltUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateForward dynamics simulation-based treatment, Inverse dynamics simulation, Optimization techniques, Surgical robotics, Clinical feasibilityJeffrey A. Reinbolt | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Caleb RuckerUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateRobotics, Dynamics, Solid Mechanics, Medical ApplicationsCaleb Rucker | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Devina SanjayaUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssistantComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Mesh generation and adaptation, Error estimation and design under uncertaintyDevina Sanjaya | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Andy SarlesUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateBiomimetic membranes for sensing, energy conversion, and actuation, Uncovering membrane-nanomaterial interactionsAndy Sarles | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Tony SchmitzUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullManufacturing, machining, uncertainty analysisTony Schmitz | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Larry W. SharpeUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABELecturerFinite Element Analysis, Computational Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, MechatronicsLarry W. Sharpe | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Seungha ShinUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateEnergy transport and conversion (Heat transfer physics), Thermal energy transport and conversion in nonequilibrium, heterostructuresSeungha Shin | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Uwe Peter SoliesUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEMABEAssociateAero-Space vehicle technology, applied aerodynamics, human factors engineeringDr. Uwe Peter Solies - UTSI
Jindong TanUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullMedical/Surgical robotics, Mechatronics, Human robot interactionsJindong Tan | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Stephanie TerMaathUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssociateHigh performance computing, Structural mechanics, Fracture mechanics, Structural Dynamics, Material ScienceStephanie TerMaath | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Uday VaidyaUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullAdvanced Composites, Composite Materials and Manufacturing, Dynamic Response, Sound and Vibration Damping, Multi-functional and Nano-bio materialsUday Vaidya | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Wei WangUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssistantDroplet manipulation, icephobicity, hemocompatibility and microfluidics, omniphobic membranes, novel functional surfacesWei Wang | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Zhenbo WangUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEAssistantMachine learning, convex optimization, aerial vehicles, space systemsZhenbo Wang | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Kwai L. WongUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEResearch AssistMultiphysics simulations, Finite element formulations, Scalable software framework, Parallel direct and sparse solversKwai L. Wong | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Matthew YoungUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullAdditive Manufacturing, Machine design, CAD/CAE, Modeling and control of high degree of freedom robotsMatthew Young | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Zhili ZhangUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullLaser Diagnostics, Computational imaging, SpectroscopyZhili Zhang | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Xiaopeng ZhaoUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEMABEFullStochastic Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Systems Dynamics, Micro- and Nano-systems, Machine Learning, Computational Physiology, Computational Neuroscience, Brain-computer InterfaceXiaopeng Zhao | Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (
Trevor S. ElliottUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSMEAssistantAdditive Manufacturing, Alternative Energy, Automotive Design, Combustion Stability, Compressible Flow, Engineering Design, Fluid Mechanics, Propulsion, Smart Control, Spectral Theory, and Turbomachinerydwm488-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Trevor-S-Elliott | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Ronald U. GouletUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSMEAssociateEngineering education, experimental orthopedic biomechanics and applied experimental mechanicskfk385-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Ron-Goulet | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Hamdy IbrahimUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSMEAssistantBiodegradable metals, biocomposites, shape memory alloys, additive manufacturing, corrosion behavior of biomaterialsDLZ572-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Hamdy-Ibrahim | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Mohammadjavad M. OghaniUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSMEAssistantAdditive manufacturing, fatigue and fracture mechanics, shape memory alloys, medical devices, and computational mechanics.HDJ214-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Mohammad-Mahtabi | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Gary H. McDonaldUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSMEAssociateMechanical systems and energy systemsnkm755-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Gary-McDonald | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Cecelia M. WigalUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSMEFullComplex system analysis and quality process analysisptg482-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Cecelia-Wigal | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Sree SreenivasUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSMEFullMulti-physics flowgzt145-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Kidambi-Sreenivas | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Mohammad AlbakriTennessee Tech UniversityTTUENGINEERING MEAssistantComputational Mechanics, Structural Dynamics, Advanced Manufacturing, Experimental Modal AnalysisMohammad Albakri, Ph.D. (
Stephen CanfieldTennessee Tech UniversityTTUENGINEERING MEFullRobotics, Dynamic Modeling, Compliant MechanismsStephen Canfield, Ph.D. (
Pingen ChenTennessee Tech UniversityTTUENGINEERING MEAssistantElectric Vehicle Control and Optimization, Nonlinear Control and OptimizationPingen Chen, Ph.D. (
Glenn CunninghamTennessee Tech UniversityTTUENGINEERING MEAssociateThermodynamics, Waste Water Energy EfficiencyGlenn Cunningham, Ph.D. (
Stephen IdemTennessee Tech UniversityTTUENGINEERING MEFullFluid Mechanics, Thermal ModelingStephen Idem, Ph.D. (
Joseph C. SlaterTennessee Tech UniversityTTUENGINEERING MEFullExperimental Modal Analysis, Linear and Nonlinear System Identification, Cyber Physical Systems, Nonlinear DynamicsJoseph C. Slater, Ph.D. (
Ahmad VaselbehaghTennessee Tech UniversityTTUENGINEERING MEAssistantRenewable Energy Generation, Energy Storage, Fluid - Structure InteractionsAhmad Vaselbehagh, Ph.D. (
Dale WilsonTennessee Tech UniversityTTUENGINEERING MEFullFracture Mechanics, Machine DesignDale Wilson, Ph.D. (
Ying ZhangTennessee Tech UniversityTTUENGINEERING MEFullThermal Barrier Coatings (TBC), Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), High-Temperature Materials, Protective CoatingsYing Zhang, Ph.D. (
Jiahong ZhuTennessee Tech UniversityTTUENGINEERING MEFullSolid Oxide Fuel Cell, Environmental Effects in Advanced Materials, High-Temperature Materials, CoatingsJiahong Zhu, Ph.D. (
Muhammad AkbarTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERING MMEAssociateComputational Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Fluids, Fluid Structure Interaction, Solar Energy, ASHIRUL MUBIN (
Leitao ChenTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERING MMEAssistantComputational fluid dynamics (CFD), Heat transfer in energy systems, Low-temperature plasma physics, Quantum computing, Leitao_Chen_profile.pdf (
Abiodun FasoroTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERING MMEAssistant3D Printing and additive manufacturing, Material characterization, coupled thermo-mechanical systemsDr. Abiodun Fasoro (
Hamid R. HamidzadehTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERING MMEFullMulti-body dynamic, Vibration engineering, Structural dynamics, Wave propagation, Nonlinear dynamics, Computational mechanics, Mechanical design, BiomechanicsDr. Hamid R. Hamidzadeh (
Amir ShirkhodiaeTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERING MMEFullMachinery Diagnostics and Prognostics, Industrial Robotics and Mechatronics, Intelligent Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Physics-based Multi-Modality Sensor Modeling and Simulation, Computational Intelligence and Perceptual Cognitive Systems, Man-Machine Interfacing and Entertainment RoboticsDr. Amir Shirkhodiae (
John E. KobzaUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEISEFullSystems involving uncertainty and risk, Quality Tools to Improve the Performance of OrganizationsJohn E. Kobza, PhD, P.E. | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
Mingzhou JinUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEISEFullLogistics, Operations Research and Data Analytics, Advanced ManufacturingMingzhou Jin, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
Anahita KhojandiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEISEAssociateDynamic programming, Predictive analytics, Time series analysis, Anomaly detection, Applied probability and statisticsAnahita Khojandi, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
Xueping LiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEISEFullComplex Systems, Health Care Systems Engineering, Cyber Physical Systems, Supply Chain Engineering, Health Information TechnologyXueping Li, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
Hugh MedalUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEISEAssistantBi-level Optimization, Network OptimizationHugh Medal, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
James OstrowskiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEISEAssociateStochastic Programming, Non-linear Programming, Combinatorial Optimization, Energy Markets, Power SystemsJames Ostrowski, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
Zhongshun "Tony" ShiUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEISEAssistantArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cyber Physical Systems and Smart Manufacturing, Data and Model-Driven Science, Optimization and Approximation Algorithms, Simulation ModelingZhongshun “Tony” Shi, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
James L. SimontonUniversity of TennesseeUTSITCEISEAssociateSystem Dynamic Model (SDM), Human Interaction in Logistics Systems-Supplement, Economic Feasibility of Cottonseed Oil Based Bio-DieselJames L. Simonton, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
Janis TerpennyUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEISEFullEngineering design and smart manufacturing, product and systems obsolescence, project design and student learningJanis Terpenny, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
Andrew J. YuUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEISEFullSupply chain and logistics, Data management and customization, Systems engineering, Facility and asset maintenanceAndrew J. Yu, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
Hoon HwangboUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEISEAssistantSystem Informatics, Constrained Statistical Learning, Renewable Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, HealthcareHoon Hwangbo, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
Rapinder SawhneyUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEISEFullNatural Interaction for Work Design, Value of Information in Supply Chains, Lean manufacturingRapinder Sawhney, PhD | Industrial & Systems Engineering (
Gregory PetersonUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullHigh Performance Computer Architectures, Computational Science, Computer Engineering, Digital SystemsGregory Peterson | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Mongi AbidiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullRobotics, Artificial Intelligence, Image ProcessingMongi Abidi | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Ahmedullah AzizUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistantVLSI & Nanoelectronics, Memory Devices, Cryogenic Circuits & Quantum Computing Hardware, Artificial Intelligence & Neuromorphic HardwareAhmedullah Aziz | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Hua BaiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociatePower electronics in motor drive systems, Applications of wide-bandgap devices, EV on-board charger, Battery management systemsHua Bai | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Micah BeckUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociateParallel and distributed computing, Distributed and fault tolerant systems, Program development toolsMicah Beck | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Michael BerryUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullScientific computing, Parallel numerical algorithms, Information retrieval, Computational science and performance evaluation, Visual AnalyticsMichael Berry | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Benjamin J. BlalockUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociateAnalog/mixed-signal integrated circuit design, Ultra-low power (nano-Watt level) analog IC design, Multi-channel monolithic instrumentation systems, Gate drive integrated circuits for wide bandgap power electronics.Benjamin J. Blalock | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Qing "Charles" CaoUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociateNetworked Embedded systems, Wireless sensor networks, Operating systems, Embedded SoftwareQing “Charles” Cao | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Chien-fei ChenUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSResearch AssistEnvironmental sociology, renewable energy adoption, energy justiceChien-fei Chen | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Daniel CostinettUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociatePower Electronics, Soft Switching Converters, Electric VehiclesDaniel Costinett | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Han "Helen" CuiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistant Power Electronics,Magnetic Components, High-density integration, Magnetic Material and ApplicationsHan “Helen” Cui | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Judy D. DayUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociateDynamical systems, Acute inflammation/immunology, Model predictive control, Translational medicine, Transient dynamicsJudy D. Day | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Saddik M. DjouadiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullRobust and Distributed Control, Control of Biological Processes, Modeling of Wireless Systems, Networked Control Systems, Preferential Image Segmentation and Video TrackingSeddik M. Djouadi | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Jack DongarraUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullScientific computing, Parallel processing, Mathematical software and software repositories, Numerical linear algebraJack Dongarra | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Joshua DunnUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSLecturerImage Registration and Segmentation, Medical Imaging, Computer VisionJoshua Dunn | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Scott EmrichUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociateGenome-focused bioinformatics, High-throughput and parallel computing, Life science applicationsScott Emrich | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Taylor ErwinUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSResearch AssistComputational EngineeringTaylor Erwin | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Aly FathyUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullElectromagnetics, Microwave Circuits, Propagation, UWB systemAly Fathy | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Ryan GlasbyUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSResearch AssistComputational EngineeringRyan Glasby | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Jens GregorUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullPattern and image analysis, Computed imagingJens Gregor | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Gong GuUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullTwo-dimensional (2D) materials, Novel electronic devices, Interdisciplinary junction of physics, electrical engineeringGong Gu | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Austin HenleyUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistantSoftware engineering, Human-computer interactionAustin Henley | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Roger HornUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSResearch ProfNeuromorphic Computing, Machine Learning, Image and Pattern RecognitionRoger Horn | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Lila HoltUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSLecturerComputational Thinking, Organizational LearningLila Holt | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Jian HuangUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullLarge data visualization, Parallel, remote and distributed visualization, parallel visualization systemsJian Huang | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
David IcoveUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullForensic engineering, High performance computational modeling of fires and explosions, Pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and image processing, Cyberterrorism, intrusion detection, and computer securityDavid Icove | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Michael JantzUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociateVirtual Machines, Compilers, Program Optimization, Performance and Power Efficiency, Operating SystemsMichael Jantz | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Ozlem KilicUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociateWave propagation, Satellite communications systems, Microwave remote sensingOzlem Kilic | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Doowon KimUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistantHuman Computer Interaction, Edge computing, Mobile computing systems, Embedded systems, CybersecurityDoowon Kim | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Michael LangstonUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullLife Science Applications, Theoretical Algorithms, Big Data AnalyticsMichael Langston | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Fangxing "Fran" LiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullPower Systems Engineering and EconomicsFangxing “Fran” Li | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Husheng LiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullWireless Communication and Networks, Statistical Signal Processing, Information Theory, Theory of Random MatricesHusheng Li | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Jian LiuUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistantMobile Sensing and Computing, Intelligent Systems, Smart Healthcare, Cybersecurity and Privacy, Machine LearningJian Liu | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Yilu LiuUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullPower Systems, Smart GridsYilu Liu | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Bruce MacLennanUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociateBio-inspired Computation, Self-organization, Algorithmic Nano-assembly, Artificial MorphogenesisBruce MacLennan | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Stephen MarzUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSLecturerOperating systems, Programming languages, Graphical user interfaces, Input event models, Computer architecturesStephen Marz | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Nicole McFarlaneUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociateMixed signal circuit design, Biotechnology, Noise theory for electronic systems, Energy and power trade-offs in mixed signal circuit design, MicrofabricationNicole McFarlane | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Audris MockusUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullSoftware Engineering, Data Science, Digital ArchaeologyAudris Mockus | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Arun PadakandlaUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistantData Science, Privacy-preserving Data Analysis, Security, Information Theory, Cybersecurity, Statistical Inference, Computation Complexity, Communication NetworksArun Padakandla | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Lynne E. ParkerUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullDistributed mobile robotics, Human-robot interaction, Distributed intelligence, Sensor networks, Machine learning, Embedded systems, Multi-agent systemsLynne E. Parker | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
James PlankUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullErasure Codes, Storage Systems, Distributed Computing, Operating SystemsJames Plank | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Hector PulgarUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistantPower system dynamics and stability, Power system operation and control, Renewable energy integrationHector Pulgar | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Hairong QiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullImage Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning, Sensor NetworksHairong Qi | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Garrett RoseUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullNanoelectric Circuit Design, Memristors and Memristive Systems, Nanoelectronic Computer Architectures, Neuromorphic Computing, Hardware Security and Security Implications of Emerging Computing SystemsGarrett Rose | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Scott RuotiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistantSecure Software Development, Usable Encryption, Blockchain TechnologyScott Ruoti | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Amir SadovnikUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistantComputer Vision, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Natural Language GenerationAmir Sadovnik | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Xiaojie ShiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSResearch AssistModular Multilevel ConvertersXiaojie Shi | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Jinyuan "Stella" SunUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociateSecurity and privacy in wired/wireless networksJinyuan “Stella” Sun | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Kai SunUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssociatePower system stability, control, and optimizationKai Sun | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Michela TauferUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullHigh Performance Computing, Multi-Core And Many-Core Platforms, Multithreaded Applications, Multi-Scale Applications, Cloud Computing And Volunteer Computing, Big Data AnalyticsMichela Taufer | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Leon TolbertUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullPower Electronics, Microgrids and Power Distribution, Electric Vehicles, Multilevel Converters and Utility Interface with Renewable Energy Systems, Wide Bandgap DevicesLeon Tolbert | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Kevin TomsovicUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullIntelligent systems and optimization methodologies, distribution system design, electricity market analysis, equipment diagnostics and maintenance, dispersed energy resources, stabilization controlKevin Tomsovic | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Brad Vander ZandenUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullGraphical programming environments, Programming languages, Constraint solving, Graphical User InterfacesBrad Vander Zanden | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Fei "Fred" WangUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullPower Electronics, Power Systems, Motor DrivesFei “Fred” Wang | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Alex WilliamsUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistant Human-Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous ComputingAlex Williams | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Dan WilsonUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistantNonlinear dynamical systems, Limit cycle oscillators, Optimal control, Neuroscientific and cardiological applicationsDan Wilson | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Jayne WuUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSFullMicro-electronics, Microfluidics, MEMSJayne Wu | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Shutang "Steve" YouUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSResearch AssistPower systems, Smart gridShutang “Steve” You | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Lin ZhuUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSResearch AssistPower system monitoring, protection and controlLin Zhu | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Andre ZeumaultUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCEEECSAssistantSolution-processing of materials, Nanocalorimetry, Semiconductor device physicsAndre Zeumault | Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (
Joe DumasUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCSEFullMicroprocessors, embedded systems, real-time simulationbkk719-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Joe-Dumas | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Yu LiangUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCSEFullModeling and simulation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, high-performance scientific, numerical linear algebra, biomedical engineering, and computational mechanicskcy946-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Yu-Liang | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Mina SartipiUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCSEFullSmart city applications focused on mobility, energy, and healthpkz758-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Mina-Sartipi | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Dalei WuUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCSEAssociateCyber-physical systems, intelligent systems, multimedia computing, and mobile computinglvy468-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Dalei-Wu | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Yingfeng WangUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCSEAssociateBioinformatics and Machine LearningSWJ394-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Yingfeng-Wang | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Mengjun XieUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCSEFullCybersecurity, Mobile Computing, Social Network Analysis, Big Data Analytics, Computer Educationdwz369-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Mengjun-Xie | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Li L. YangUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCSEFullMobile security, big data analytics, massive data mining, bioinformatics, cybersecurity education, and engineering techniques for complex software system designdjy471-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Li-Yang | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Gerals GannodTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICS FullSoftware Engineering, Agile Software Development, Agile Instruction, Enterprise Computing, Mobile Computing, Data Science, Analytics, and Machine
Doug TalbertTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICS AssociateMachine Learning, Data Mining, Medical Informatics, and
William EberleTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICS FullData Mining, Graph-based Anomaly Detection, and Fraud Detection
Ambareen SirajTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICS FullNetwork Security, Security in Smart Grid, and Security
Sheikh GhafoorTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICS FullParallel and Distributed Computing, High Performance Computing, Autonomic Resource Management for High Performance Computing
Martha KosaTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICS AssociateTheoretical Distributed
Michael RogersTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICS AssociateGPGPU Computing, Distributed Computing, Distributed Shared Memory, Operating Systems, and Network
Maanak GuptaTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICS AssistantAI and Machine Learning assisted security including Malware Analysis and Adversarial
Ali SekmanTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGCSFullApproximation Theory, Sampling Theory, Machine Learning, RoboticsDr. Ali Sekmen - Dept. of Computer Science (
Wei ChenTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGCSFullParallel and distributed computing, Bioinformatics, Wireless network security, Cloud computingDr. Wei Chen - Dept. of Computer Science (
Fenghui YaoTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGCSFullRoboticsDr. Fenghui Yao - Computer Science (
Tamara RogersTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGCSAssociateRobotics research to mobile robot platforms, Cyber security and networkingDr. Tamara Rogers - Computer Science (
Heh MiaoTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGCSAssistantWireless Sensor Network Modeling, Bioinformatics, Computer Simulation and Data VisualizationMr. Heh Miao (
Erdem ErdemirTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGCSAssistantMeso-scale robotics, Micro-scale Robotics, Machine Learning, Nanotechnology.Dr. Erdem Erdemir - Computer Science (
Kamal Al NasrTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGCSAssociateStructural Bioinformatics, High Performance ComputingDr. Kamal Al Nasr (
Swastik BrahmaTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGCSAssistantCyber-Physical Systems and Sensor Networks, Cyber-securityDr. Swastik Brahma (
Manar SamadTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGCSAssistantMachine learning, Biomedical engineering, Human-computer interactions, Affective computingDr. Manar Samad (
Chris CoxUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFullBioenergy Production, Mathematical Modeling of Metabolic and Genetic Regulatory Systems, Modeling of Engineered Pollution Control and Remediation SystemsChris Cox | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Khalid AlshibliUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEAssociateNon-destructive evaluation of geomaterials, Mechanics of granular materials, Experimental soil mechanics, Soils constitutive modeling, Foundation engineering, Behavior of granular materials under very low effective stresses Khalid Alshibli | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Christopher CherryUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEAssociateSustainable Transportation, Non-Motorized Transportation Safety, Transportation and the Environment, Multimodal Transport. Planning & Operations, Transit SecurityChristopher Cherry | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Richard M. BennettUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFullMasonry testing, analysis, and design, Structural safety and reliabilityRichard M. Bennett | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Candace BrakewoodUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEAssistantPublic Transportation, Transportation Planning, Intelligent Transportation SystemsCandace Brakewood | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Mark DenavitUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEAssistantSteel and Composite Structures, Nonlinear Analysis, Seismic Behavior, StabilityMark Denavit | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Joshua S. FuUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFullEnergy, climate change, and air quality, Assessment of intercontinental transport and climatic effects of air pollutants, Air Toxics Modeling, Genetic algorithm, Data management, Human dimension and sustainability, Artificial intelligence in air quality forecastJoshua S. Fu | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
David L. GreeneUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEResearch ProfEnergy use in transportation and policies, increased vehicle use due to increased fuel economyDavid L. Greene | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Lee D. HanUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFullTransportation and traffic engineering, securing, managing, and conducting research studiesLee D. Han | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Jon HathawayUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEAssociateSustainable Urban Water, Green Infrastructure, Anthropogenic Influences on the Environment, Urban Pollutant Fate and Transport Jon Hathaway | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Qiang HeUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFull Biological treatment processes, Water and wastewater quality, Environmental microbiology, Renewable energy Qiang He | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Wei HuUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEResearch AssistInfrastructural materials, construction technology, and traffic safetyWei Hu | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Baoshan HuangUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFullInfrastructural Materials, Pavement Engineering, Geotechnical EngineeringBaoshan Huang | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Asad KhattakUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFullIntelligent transportation systems, Transportation safety, Sustainable transportationAsad Khattak | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Shuai LiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEAssistantIntelligent Building and Civil Infrastructure Systems, Cyber-Eco Additive Manufacturing Technologies, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics, In Silico Modeling and SimulationShuai Li | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Frank LoefflerUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFullBiogeochemical processes in soil, sediment, subsurface and water environments, Frank Loeffler | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Z. John MaUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFullEvaluation of ASR-affected structures, Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Bridges, Accelerated Bridge Construction for Durability, Seismic Behavior of Unreinforced Railroad Piers Z. John Ma | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Angel PalominoUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEAssociateParticle Modification, Engineered Soil Fabrics-Pore Fluid Chemistry, Clay Particle Surface Modification, Micro-Scale Soil Mechanics, Geogrids in Pavement Engineering Applications, Large-Volume Applications of Coal Combustion Product, Swelling Behavior of Pyritic ShaleAngel Palomino | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Jack ParkerUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEResearch ProfInverse modeling, analysis of prediction uncertainty, stochastic cost optimizationJack Parker | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Dayakar PenumaduUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFullCarbon fiber reinforced polymeric composites, environmental degradation, multi-scale mechanics, Multi-axial stress-strain-time behaviorDayakar Penumadu | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
John S. SchwartzUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEFullStressed natural systems, degradation of rivers and streams, river channel adjustments, soil erosion processes and pollutant transport on disturbed land surfaces, biogeochemical processesJohn S. Schwartz | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Tomothy TrusterUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEAssociateComputational mechanics, Interface mechanics, Composite material modeling, Stabilized methods, High performance computingTimothy Truster | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Nicholas WierschemUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEAssistantStructural Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Structural Control, Structural Health Monitoring, Nonlinear Dynamics, Experimental Methods, Laser Metrology for Accelerated Steel Bridge Girder FabricationNicholas Wierschem | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Kristen WyckoffUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEELecturerEnvironmental microbiologyKristen Wyckoff | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Hongyu Nick ZhouUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCECEEAssistantSmart and energy-efficient buildings, Dynamic and responsive building envelope, Sustainable building materials, Bio-inspired and biomimetic design, Additive construction (3-D Printing), Cyber-physical system in infrastructures and securityHongyu Nick Zhou | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Mbaki A. OnyangoUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCCEAssociateTransportation Planning, Civil Engineering Materials Testing and Evaluationjzt169-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Mbakisya-A-Onyango | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Osama OsmanUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCCEAssistantIntelligent Transportation Systems and Data Analyticsplp596-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Osama-Osman | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Weidong WuUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCCEAssociateIntelligent infrastructure, computational mechanics, Finite Element applications in civil engineeringxbg456-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Weidong-Wu | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Bradley J. HarrisUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCCEAssistantBioengineeringDPW287-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Bradley-Harris | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Soubantika PalchoudhuryUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCCEAssistantNanochemistry, photovoltaics and light emitting diodesVXF267-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Soubantika-Palchoudhury | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Sungwoo YangUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSCCEAssistantSolar energy harvesting and thermal energy storagekpz715-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Sungwoo-Yang | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Daniel D. LovelessUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSEEAssociateRadiation effects, high-performance and radiation-hardened digital, mixed-signal, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), microprocessors and microcontrollersFMN694-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Thomas-Loveless | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Abdul R. OfoliUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSEEAssociatePower electronics, power systems, smart grid, renewable energykgr249-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Abdul-R-Ofoli | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Vahid R. DisfaniUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSEEAssistantPower system optimization and control, Grid integration of renewable energy resources, Distribution system optimal voltage regulationCZD631-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Vahid-Rasouli-Disfani | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Donald R. ReisingUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSEEAssociateDigital communications, Specific Emitter Identification (SEI) and Radio Frequency (RF) fingerprinting, smart gridCVP353-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Donald-Reising | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Nurhidajat SisworahardjoUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCECSEEAssociateSmart Grid, Distributed Generation, Renewable/Alternative Energy, Power Systems Operation, Optimization, Simulation, and Planning.vgj912-College of Engineering and Computer Science-Nurhidajat-Sisworahardjo | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Saleh Zein-SabattoTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGECEFullControl Systems, Artificial IntelligenceSaleh Zein-Sabatto (
Mohammad BodruzzamanTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGECEFullPattern recognition and classification, artificial neural networks, biomedical signal processingMohammad Bodruzzaman (
Liang HongTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGECEFullEmbedded System Security Education, Defense and Countermeasures of Jamming Attacks in Wireless Mesh Networks, distributed control of wireless control network via cloud computing, Communication paradigms for cooperative nanonetworks, Liang Hong (
Lee KeelTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGECEFullLinear Systems Theory, Cyber Physical Systems, Computer Aided Control Systems Design, Networked Control SystemsLee Keel (
Charles D. McCurryTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGECEAssistantCyber-Human Systems, Control and Intelligent Control Systems, Computational Intelligence ApplicationsSatinderpaul Devgan (
Frances WilliamsTennessee State UniversityTSUENGINEERINGECEFullAdvanced materials and devices, biosensors, and nano- and micro-electromechanical systemsFrances Williams (
Bamin KhomamiUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullDynamics and Rheology of Complex Fluids, Biohybrid materials, Single Macromolecular Dynamics and Biophysics, Micro- and Nano-Structured MaterialBamin Khomami | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Brian J. EdwardsUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullNonequilibrium thermodynamics, Rheology, Molecular simulation, Statistical mechanicsBrian J. Edwards | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Steven M. AbelUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEAssociateComputational cell biology and immunology, Membrane and polymer biophysics, Antigen recognition, Intracellular transport, Stochastic and spatial effects, Statistical mechanics, Systems biologySteven M. Abel | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Rigoberto AdvinculaUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullNanoscience, macromolecule science, hybrid materials, spectroscopic, microscopic, optical, and electrochemical analytical techniques, electro-optical devices, biotechnology and biomedical applications., Additive manufacturingRigoberto Advincula | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Belinda AkpaUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEAssociateComputational biomedicine, Systems physiology, Mechanistic mathematical modelingBelinda Akpa | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Eric T. BoderUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEAssociateViral membrane fusion proteins, Molecular switching and cell adhesion proteins, Protein immobilizing and modifying enzymesEric T. Boder | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Robert M. (Pete) CounceUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullRadio-Chemical Engineering, Green Engineering, Industrial-Scale Mass Transfer OperationsRobert M. (Pete) Counce | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Paul DalhaimerUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEAssociateNanoparticles, nanomedicine, genetics, proteomics, and live-cell microscopyPaul Dalhaimer | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Manolis DoxastakisUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEAssociatePolymer melts, blends and nanocomposites, biomolecules, Reaction-diffusion phenomena, Development of novel algorithms, Computational characterizationManolis Doxastakis | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Paul D. FrymierUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullKinetics of electron transport, Enhanced electricity and hydrogen production from microbial fuel cells., Thermal and temporal stability of hydrogenPaul D. Frymier | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
John Zhanhu GuoUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEAssociateMultifunctional Nanocomposites, Advanced Nanocomposite Membranes, Fuel Efficiency Improvement, Electrochromic, Strain Sensing and Magnetic Field Sensing Devices, Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Materials, Pollutants Treatment, Energy Usage Efficiency EnhancementJohn Zhanhu Guo | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
S. Michael Kilbey IIUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullAssembly-structure-property relationships, stimuli-responsive polymer, Surface behavior and characterization of conducting polymer thin filmsS. Michael Kilbey II | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Siris O. LaursenUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEAssociateBiomass conversion to fuels, Catalytic upgrading of CO2, Fundamental surface science, Electronic structure of molecules and materials, chemical kinetics and thermodynamics, Materials synthesis Siris O. Laursen | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Stephen J. PaddisonUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullFundamental molecular-level of transport in ion containing polymer, classical molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM), density functional theory (DFT), molecular dynamics (AIMD)Stephen J. Paddison | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Arthur J. RagauskasUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullBiorefining, BioFuels, Bio-Based Materials & Chemicals, BioComposites, BioPower, Fiber Modification, Natural Biopolymers, Polysaccharides, Organic/Carbohydrate Chemistry, Green ChemistryArthur J. Ragauskas | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Sankar V. RaghavanUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullEngineering PedagogySankar V. Raghavan | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Joshua R. SangoroUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEAssociateMesoscopic Structured Liquids, Polymer Dynamics, physicochemical and electrochemical propertiesJoshua R. Sangoro | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Gila E. SteinUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullPhysics of confined polymers, Thermodynamics of polymer blends, Lithographic materials, X-ray scattering methods, Thin film membranes, Architectural design of polymers, CoatingsGila E. Stein | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Cong T. TrinhUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEAssociateSystems and Synthetic Biology, Metabolic Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Microbiome engineering, Computational Biology, Cell Physiology, Pathogens, Bioenergy, Biofuels, and Biochemicals, Genome Editing, Diagnostics, AntimicrobialsCong T. Trinh | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Thomas A. ZawodzinskiUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCECBEFullElectrolytes and composite electrodes for fuel cells, Fundamentals of energy storage materials and systems, Water management in fuel cells, Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)Thomas A. Zawodzinski | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (
Joseph J. BiernackiTennessee Tech UniversityTTUEngineeringCEFullKinetic and thermophysical data for materials synthesisJoseph J Biernacki, DRE (
Bahman GhorashiTennessee Tech UniversityTTUEngineeringCEFullWater Treatment and Desalination, Applications of Blockchain Technology in Chemical Industry, Non-Newtonian Fluid FlowBahman Ghorashi, Ph.D. (
Cynthia Rice Tennessee Tech UniversityTTUEngineeringCEAssociateElectrochemistry, electro-catalysis fabrication, materials evaluation and instrumental analysisCynthia Rice, Ph.D. (
Robby SanderTennessee Tech UniversityTTUEngineeringCEAssociateBiomolecular medicine, Micro-fluidics and lab-on-a-chip applications for clinical diagnosticsRobby Sanders, Ph.D. (
Liqun ZhangTennessee Tech UniversityTTUEngineeringCEAssistantHuman beta Defensin type 3 (HBD-3) structure, dynamicsLiqun Zhang, Ph.D. (
Mashid AhmadiUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEAssistantLaboratory robotics, High throughput synthesis and characterization, Dynamic materials and devices, Probing time-resolved dynamics with nanoscale spatial information, Electronic and ionic transport in semiconductors, Novel materials for high energy radiation sensorsMahshid Ahmadi | Materials Science and Engineering (
Han ChooUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullMechanical behavior of materials, Neutron and synchrotron x-ray diffraction, Amorphous, nanocrystalline, and ultrafine-grained alloysHahn Choo | Materials Science and Engineering (
Gerd DuscherUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullElectrical activity at interfaces and crystal defects, Atomic and electronic structure at interfaces, Atomic resolution, Atomic structure calculations with density functional theoryGerd Duscher | Materials Science and Engineering (
Takeshi EgamiUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullNeutron scattering research, X-ray scattering research, High-temperature superconductivity, Electronic oxides, Structure and dynamics of liquids and glasses, Superconducting oxides and chalcogenidesTakeshi Egami | Materials Science and Engineering (
Yanfei GaoUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullAnalytical and computational mechanics of materials, failure of advanced structural materials, thin film heterostructures, contact and frictionYanfei Gao | Materials Science and Engineering (
Dustin GilbertUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEAssistantNeutron scattering, X-ray scattering, e-beam & photolithography defined features, structural, magnetic, electrical, & thermal properties of nanostructured systemsDustin Gilbert | Materials Science and Engineering (
Bin HuUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullMagnetic studies of exciton-exciton and exciton-charge interactions, Magnetic control of constructive and non-constructive, Spin injection and polarization, Singlet and triplet photovoltaic channels in organic solar cells.Bin Hu | Materials Science and Engineering (
Veerle M. KeppensUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullElastic constants and lattice dynamics, frustrated magnets and spin glasses, thermoelectric materialsVeerle M. Keppens | Materials Science and Engineering (
David J. KefferUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullMulti-Scale materials modeling, Advanced Materials for renewable energy systems, Computational interpretation of X-ray & neutron scattering experiments, Density functional theory, Coarse-Grained Modeling of polymers, Sustainable energyDavid J. Keffer | Materials Science and Engineering (
Kevin M. KitUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEAssociateElectrospinning, Biosource Materials, Mechanical Behavior of Polymers and Polymer Composites, Polymer Blends, Polymer Crystallization, Polymer ProcessingKevin M. Kit | Materials Science and Engineering (
Eric LassUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEAssistantPhase Transformations, Microstructural Evolution in Metals and Alloys, Thermodynamic and Kinetics, Additive Manufacturing, High Temperature Materials Eric Lass | Materials Science and Engineering (
Peter K. LiawUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullMechanical behavior, Fatigue and fracture behavior, Neutron/synchrotron studies of advanced materialsPeter K. Liaw | Materials Science and Engineering (
David MandrusUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullGrowth, discovery, and materials physics of new electronic and magnetic materials, Oxide electronicsDavid Mandrus | Materials Science and Engineering (
T. G. NiehUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullMetallic glasses, High entropy alloys, Nanostructured alloys, High temperature materials, Physical metallurgy, Mechanical behaviorT. G. Nieh | Materials Science and Engineering (
Katharine PageUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEAssistantFerroelectric oxides, Energy conversion materials, Nanoscale catalystsKatharine Page | Materials Science and Engineering (
Philip D. RackUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullThin-film processing and characterization, Materials and device nanofabrication, Nanoscale electron, ion, and photon beam induced processingPhilip D. Rack | Materials Science and Engineering (
Claudia J. RawnUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEAssociate Neutron and X-ray powder diffraction, Small-molecule crystallography, Ceramic synthesis, Structure/property relations.Claudia J. Rawn | Materials Science and Engineering (
Orlando RiosUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEAssistant Materials Thermodynamics, Additive Manufacturing, Alloy Development , Electrochemistry , Electromagnetic Processing , Experimental Thermodynamics , Microstructure and Property Relationships , Neutron and High Energy X-ray Diffraction , Solidification Orlando Rios | Materials Science and Engineering (
Kurt E. SickafusUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullCrystallography, radiation damage effects, microstructure of materialsKurt E. Sickafus | Materials Science and Engineering (
William J. WeberUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEFullTheory and modeling of radiation-solid interactions, Evolution of radiation effects in materials, Ion-beam and electron-beam modification of materials, Long-term performance of nuclear materials, Materials physics of radiation detectorsWilliam J. Weber | Materials Science and Engineering (
Haixuan XuUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEAssociate Defect interaction and radiation effects, Deformation mechanism, Electromagnetic coupling, Materials for neuromorphic computing, Mesoscale computational methodsHaixuan Xu | Materials Science and Engineering (
Mariya ZhuravlevaUniveristy of TennesseeUTKTCEMSEAssistantDiscovery, synthesis and characterization of scintillator, Crystal growth from the melt using the Bridgman and micro-pulling-down methodsMariya Zhuravleva | Materials Science and Engineering (
J. Wesley HinesUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullArtificial intelligence and advanced statistical techniques applied to process diagnostics, condition based maintenance, prognosticsJ. Wesley Hines | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Jason P. HaywardUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEAssociateRadiation instrumentationJason P. Hayward | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Jamie B. CobleUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEAssistantSensor Calibration Assessment in Nuclear Power Systems, PrognosticsJamie B. Coble | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Nicholas BrownUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEAssociateNuclear reactor safety and simulation of reactor and system transients, Advanced nuclear fuel and cladding materials, including nuclear fuel safety, Assessment and simulation of sustainable nuclear fuel cyclesNicholas Brown | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Ondrej ChvalaUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEResearch AssistHigh performance computing applications to nuclear engineering, reactor core physics, molten salt based nuclear systemsOndrej Chvala | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
David C. DonovanUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEAssociateFusion energy science, plasma physics, plasma-material interactions (PMI), He ion damage to tungsten in fusion relevant environments, plasma and heat flux diagnostic development and implementation, surface chemistry analysis (XPS)David C. Donovan | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Howard L. HallUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullNuclear security applications, counterproliferation, nuclear forensics, radiochemistry, applications of nuclear-based methods to other security needs (such as explosives detection)Howard L. Hall | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Lawrence H. HeilbronnUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullMedical Isotope Production, Nuclear Space Sciences, Health Physics, Space Radiation Transport and Shielding, Neutron and Light Ion Production Cross Section Measurements, Heavy Ion Cross Section and Thick Target Measurements Lawrence H. Heilbronn | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Michael HowardUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullMedical physics, Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT), Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)Michael Howard | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Maik K. LangUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEAssociateRadiation damage and high-pressure studies, materials scienceMaik K. Lang | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Michael LiesenfeltUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEResearch AssistHigh speed active interrogation, industrial non-destructive testing/inspection/evaluation, medical imaging, Compton scatter radiographic methods, ray-tracing physics-based computed tomography, radiation detection system integrationMichael Liesenfelt | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Eric D. LukosiUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEAssociateNeutron detection and spectrometry, dosimetry, nuclear batteries, applied plasma physics, nuclear physics and cross section evaluationsEric D. Lukosi | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
G. Ivan MaldonadoUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullIn-core fuel management, fuel cycle analysis, advanced reactorsG. Ivan Maldonado | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Charles L. MelcherUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEResearch ProfDiscovery and development of new scintillation materials, Characterization of new luminescent materials, Implementation of emerging scintillator technology in medical imaging systems, Single crystal growth and powder synthesis of novel scintillation materialsCharles L. Melcher | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Laurence F. MillerUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullParticle and radiation transport, diagnostics and surveillance, health physics, instrumentation and controlLaurence F. Miller | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Giovanni PatoreUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEAssociateGaseous fission products applied in fuel performance codes, light water reactor fuel element behavior during design-basis accidents, oxide fuel behavior at high burnup, advanced technology fuel and cladding materialsGiovanni Pastore | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Ronald E. PeveyUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullReactor physics, thermal hydraulics, computer methods development, nuclear criticality safetyRonald E. Pevey | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Steven E. SkutnikUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEAssociateSustainable nuclear fuel cycles, policy issues pertaining to the nuclear fuel cycle, including energy policy and radioactive waste managementSteven E. Skutnik | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Vladimir SobesUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEAssistantReactor physics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), ow nuclear data enters radiation transport calculations, Sensitivity/Uncertainty (S/U) analysis methodsVladimir Sobes | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Lawrence W. TownsendUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullRadiation physics, transport, nuclear and radiological engineering, theoretical nuclear physicsLawrence W. Townsend | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Belle R. UpadhyayaUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullInstrumentation and controls, reactor dynamics, advanced digital signal processing, power and process plant monitoring and diagnosis, autonomous and fault-tolerant control, small modular reactors, integral light water reactors, nuclear desalinationBelle R. Upadhyaya | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Brian D. WirthUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullComputational modeling and measurements of radiation effects in materials, molecular dynamics simulation, nano-materialsBrian D. Wirth | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Richard T. WoodUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullNuclear instrumentation and control, reactor safety and licensingRichard T. Wood | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Fan ZhangUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEResearch AssistCybersecurity of industrial control systems, systems modeling and simulation, online monitoring, fault detection, machine learning methodsFan Zhang | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Steven ZinkleUniversity of TennesseeUTKTCENEFullPhysical metallurgy of structural materials, ion and neutron irradiation effects on the microstructure, physical and mechanical properties of metals and ceramics, fusion and fission reactor materials, deformation and fracture mechanismsSteven Zinkle | Department of Nuclear Engineering (
Cristian D. BastiaUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullTheoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Elbio DagottoUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullTheoretical Condensed Matter
Adrian Del MaestroUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullQuantum Materials, Theoretical Condensed Matter
Yuri EfremenkoUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullExperimental High Energy Physics
Adolfo EguiluzUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullTheoretical Condensed Matter
Michael FitzsimmonsUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullExperimental Condensed Matter Physics
Nadia FominUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssociateExperimental Nuclear, Neutron
Geoff GreeneUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullExperimental Neutron
Robert GrzywaczUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullExperimental Nuclear
Michael GuidryUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullComputational
William R. Hix (Raph)University of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullTheoretical Nuclear
Tova HolmesUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssistantExperimental High Energy Particle
Steven JohnsonUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssociateTheoretical Condensed Matter
Kate JonesUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullExperimental Nuclear
Yuri KamyshkovUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullExperimental High Energy
Maxim LavrentovichUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssistantTheoretical
Joon Sue LeeUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssistantExperimental Condensed Matter
Jian LiuUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssistantExperimental Condensed
Miguel MadurgaUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssistantExperimental Nuclear
Norman MannellaUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssociateExperimental Condensed Matter
Jaan MannikUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssociateExperimental
Anthony MezzacappaUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSJointTheoretical and Computational
Adriana MoreoUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullTheoetical Condensed Matter
Christine NattrassUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssociateExperimental Nuclear
Thomas PapenbrockUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullTheoretical Nuclear
Christian PariggerUniversity of TennesseeUTSIARTSCIPHYSAssociateLaser, Atomic, Molecular and Optical
Lucas PlatterUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssociateTheoretical Nuclear
Kenneth ReadUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullExperimental Nuclear
George SiopsisUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullTheoretical High Energy
Soren SorensonUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullExperimental Nuclear
Stefan SpanierUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullExperimental High Energy
Andrew W. SteinerUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssociateTheoretical Nuclear
Hanno WeiteringUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSFullExperimental Condensed Matter
Haidong ZhouUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPHYSAssociateExperimental Condensed Matter
Titus V. AlbuUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPHYSFullComputational and Theoretical Chemistry, Catalytic and electrochemical processes, Chemical dynamics, Molecular propertieschn545-Chemistry and Physics-Titus-Albu | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Manuel F. SantiagoUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPHYSFullBiochemistry and organicdbs717-Chemistry and Physics-Manuel-Santiago | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Keenan DungeyUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPHYSFullNanotechnologydwr183-Chemistry and Physics-Keenan-Dungey | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Tom R. RyboltUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPHYSFullMolecular Mechanics, Interactions at Carbon Surfaces, Carbon Nanotubes, Nanotechnologykvx594-Chemistry and Physics-Tom-Rybolt | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
John P. LeeUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPHYSAssociateSynthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry, transition metal-mediated catalysis, NMR spectroscopyrmk668-Chemistry and Physics-John Lee | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Wang Yong YangUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPHYSAssistant"Switchable" bioactive organic molecules controlled by an external stimulus such as light and pHszz683-Chemistry and Physics-Wang-Yong-Yang | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Han Jung ParkUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPHYSAssociateExperimental Physical Chemistry, Photo-acoustics, Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Drug Deliveryyrc659-Chemistry and Physics-Han J. Park | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Luis Sanchez-DiazUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPHYSLecturerBiomolecules and colloids to use in biotechnology to pharmacology and medicinefcg751-Chemistry and Physics-luis-sanchezdiaz | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Ben AllenUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPYSCHResearch AssistCentral autonomic network, neuroimaging, psychophysiology
Helen A. BaghdoyanUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPYSCHFullRapid eye movement (REM) sleep, non-REM sleep, cognitive dysfunction, in vivo microdialysis
Jennifer BoldenUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPYSCHAssociateDevelopmental psychopathology
Arron BussUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPYSCHAssociateCognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience
Lowell GaertnerUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPYSCHFullSocial Psychology
Kirsten A. GonzalezUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPYSCHAssistantMulticultural psychology, Intersectional theory
Ralph LydicUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPYSCHFullNeurochemistry, pain, regulation of respiration
Gina OwensUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPYSCHFullMilitary veterans, traumatic stress and coping
Caglar TasUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIPYSCHAssistantEye movements, visual perception, visual attention
Tomorrow ArnoldUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPYSCHAssistantEmotion regulation and stress reactivitypgr273-Psychology-Tomorrow Arnold | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Libby M. ByersUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPYSCHAssociateDifferential Psychologyjht179-Psychology-Libby Byers | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Chris J. CunninghamUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPYSCHFullStress and recovery processes and practicesGXN898-Psychology-Christopher Cunningham | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Ashley HowellUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPYSCHAssistantSocial anxiety disorder and posttraumatic stress disordersHHS983-Psychology-Ashley Howell | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Jill A. SheltonUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIPYSCHAssociateCognitive aging, Applying cognitive principles to the education settingctf815-Psychology-Jill Shelton | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Gladys AlexandreUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBFullCharacterizing at the molecular level the strategies used by bacteria to adapt to changes in the environmentGladys Alexandre | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Francisco BarreraUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBAssociateInterplay between proteins and lipids in systems of biomedical relevanceFrancisco Barrera | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Brad BinderUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBFullMechanisms of signal transduction for ethylene, Arabidopsis thalianaBrad Binder | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Barry BruceUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBFullProtein Targeting/Translocation into PlastidsBarry Bruce | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Elias FernandezUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBAssociateMacromolecular Structure and FunctionElias Fernandez | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Hong GuoUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBFullComputational Molecular and Structural BiologyHong Guo | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Tian HongUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBAssistantComputational Systems BiologyTian Hong | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Keerthi KrishnanUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBAssistantMolecular and Cellular Basis of Brain, PlasticityKeerthi Krishnan | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Rajan LamichhaneUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBAssistantSingle-Molecule Biophysics, Conformational Dynamics and Interactions of Complex MacromoleculesRajan Lamichhane | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Bruce MckeeUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBFullGeneticsBruce McKee | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Jae ParkUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBFullNeurobiology and Genetics in DrosophilaJae H. Park | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Rebecca ProsserUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBFullCellular Basis of Mammalian Circadian RhythmsRebecca A. Prosser | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Tongye ShenUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBAssociateStability and Dynamics of Biomolecular Structures and Supramolecular AssemblyTongye Shen | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Elena ShpakUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBAssociateSignal Transduction in ArabidopsisElena Shpak | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Jeremy SmithUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBFullComputational Molecular Biophysics, Supercomputing, Neutrons, Drug DesignJeremy Smith | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Jianbin Wang University of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBAssistantGenomes and chromosomes, DNA break and repair, and programmed DNA eliminationJianbin Wang | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Albrecht von ArnimUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIBCMBFullTranslational regulation of gene expressionAlbrecht von Arnim | Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (
Fernando AldaUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESAssistantPhylogenetics and Biogeographyzzk968-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-Fernando-Alda | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Jose F. BarbosaUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESFullAbiotic stresses, particularly heat, salinity, osmotic, drought and oxidative stressesfrc347-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-Jose-Barbosa | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Nominanda I. BarbosaUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESLecturerRapid molecular methods to identify food borne bacteriaxth516-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-Nominanda-Barbosa | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Hill H. CraddockUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESFullGeneral biology, economic botany, dendrology and mycologywmn758-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-Hill-Craddock | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Stephanie DeVriesUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESAssistantContaminants on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, land-atmosphere exchange of nitrogen under changing climate conditionsthl538-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-Stephanie-DeVries | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
David K. GilesUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESAssociateMicrobial membranesbhr418-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-David-Giles | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Azad HossainUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESAssistantDigital image processing, remote sensing, GIS, and spatial analysishrr794-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-Azad-Hossain | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Hope M. KlugUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESAssociateBiology, Evolution, Ecological and Evolutionary Statistics, Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Ecologywxs271-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-Hope-Klug | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Sean M. RichardsUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESFullExposure and effects of multiple toxicants on organisms ranging from bacteria to humanscbj246-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-Sean-Richards | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Mark S. SchorrUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESFullWater pollution issues and population/community ecologywsc562-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-Mark-Schorr | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Rardy G. SprattUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIBGESFullMicrobiology, Immunologythk662-Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science-Henry-Spratt | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Joshua A. BaccileUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssistantDeveloping chemical tools to investigate the production and regulation of biologically important small molecules, Leveraging the engineering potential of artificial proteins to create soft materials with unique structural, functional, and diagnostic capacitiesJoshua A. Baccile | Department of Chemistry (
Constance BaileyUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssistantChemical transformations through biological meansConstance Bailey | Department of Chemistry (
Craig E. BarnsUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullProperties of new, highly engineered inorganic materialsCraig E. Barnes | Department of Chemistry (
Michael D. BestUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullBio-organic, synthetic organic, medicinal and supramolecular chemistryMichael D. Best | Department of Chemistry (
Johnathan N. BrantleyUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssistantInterface of materials science and synthetic methodologyJohnathan N. Brantley | Department of Chemistry (
Tessa CalhounUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssociateSmall molecule antibiotics, nanoparticlesTessa Calhoun | Department of Chemistry (
Shawn R. CampagnaUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullTandem liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, organic synthesisShawn R. Campagna | Department of Chemistry (
Mark DadmunUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullPolymer mixtures, polymeric additiveMark Dadmun | Department of Chemistry (
Sheng DaiUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullSynthesis and characterization of functional materials for energy-related applicationsSheng Dai | Department of Chemistry (
Ampofo K. DarkoUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssistantStrained molecules to accelerate reactions and influence their stereochemical outcomesAmpofo K. Darko | Department of Chemistry (
Thanh DoUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssistantIon-mobility mass spectrometry (IM-MS), mass spectrometry imaging (MSI), computational modelingThanh Do | Department of Chemistry (
Fred A. HeberleUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssistantBiological membranes, plasma membrane (PM)Fred A. Heberle | Department of Chemistry (
Robert HindeUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullChemical dynamics and reactivity, highly quantum condensed phases, adsorbed on solid surfaces or confined in small spacesRobert Hinde | Department of Chemistry (
David M. JenkinsUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssociateInorganic and organic synthesis to develop chemical systems ranging from catalysis to porous frameworks, N-heterocyclesDavid M. Jenkins | Department of Chemistry (
Mike KilbeyUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullSurface and interface engineering using soft materialsMike Kilbey | Department of Chemistry (
John Z. LareseUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullPhysical and chemical phenomena that take place on solid surfaces and within porous mediaJohn Z. Larese | Department of Chemistry (
Brian K. LongUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssociateOrganic synthesis, polymer chemistry, organometallic design, polymer science and engineeringBrian K. Long | Department of Chemistry (
Janice MusfeldtUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullBehavior of materials under extreme conditionsJanice Musfeldt | Department of Chemistry (
George K. SchweitzerUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullSolid-Solid Pseudo-High-T Inorganic SynthesisGeorge K. Schweitzer | Department of Chemistry (
Bhavya SharmaUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssistantProbing and characterizing the underlying chemistry and physics of biological processesBhavya Sharma | Department of Chemistry (
Alexei P. SokolovUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullDynamics of disordered materials, Glass transition, Dynamics and functions of biological macromolecules, Photonics and nano-opticsAlexei P. Sokolov | Department of Chemistry (
Konstantinos VogiatzisUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMAssistantComputational methods based on electronic structure theory and machine learning algorithmsKonstantinos Vogiatzis | Department of Chemistry (
Ziling (Ben) XueUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullSpectroscopic Studies of Molecular Magnetism, Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Complexes, Development of New Chemical AnalysesZiling (Ben) Xue | Department of Chemistry (
Bin ZhaoUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCICHEMFullMacromolecular brush materials, stimuli-responsive polymers, liquid crystalline polymers for application as electrocaloric materialsBin Zhao | Department of Chemistry (
Andrew CallenderTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICHEMAssistantAnalytical chemistry and spectroscopyAndrew Callender (
Jesse CarrickTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICHEMFullSynthesis of novel complexants for minor actinide separations, Medicinal chemistryJesse Carrick (
Wilson GichuhiTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICHEMAssociateInfrared and Photoelectron spectroscopy, Atmospheric ChemistryWilson Gichuhi (
Hong ZhangTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCICHEMFullEnvironmental/Analytical Chemistry Hong Zhang (
Alison Buchan University of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROFullMolecular microbial ecology, bacterial aromatic compound catabolism, marine microbiology
Elizabeth FozoUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROAssociateStress responses in pathogenic bacteria
Vitaly V. GanusovUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROAssociateMathematical modeling of CD8 T cell responses to acute and chronic infections
Heidi Goodrich-BlairUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROFullMolecular mechanisms of bacteria-animal mutualism and pathogenesis
Terry HazenUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROFullSystems biology approach to bioremediation, bioenergy and water quality
Jeremiah JohnsonUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROAssistantBacterial pathogenesis
Karen LloydUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROAssociateMarine microbiology
Frank LoefflerUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROFullEnvironmental microbiology and microbial ecology
Benjamin ParkerUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROAssistantEcology and evolution of animal-microbe interaction
Todd ReynoldsUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROAssociateLipids and signaling in fungal pathogenesis and biofilm formation, antifungal drug target identification
Tim E. SpencerUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROAssociateConstitutively active CXCR2 in cancer
Steven W. WilhelmUniversity of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMICROFullMolecular ecology of viruses, bacteria and algae in oceans and large lakes
Vasilios AlexiadesUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullComputational and Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology
Michael BerryUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullComputational and Applied Mathematics
Dustin CartwrightUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHAssociateAlgebra and Number Theory
Charles CollinsUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullComputational and Applied Mathematics
Nina FeffermanUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullComputational and Applied Mathematics
Xiaobing FengUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullComputational and Applied Mathematics
Luis FinottiUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHAssociateAlgebra and Number Theory
Vitaly GanusovUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHAssociateMathematical Biology
Marie JamesonUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHAssociateAlgebra and Number Theory
Ohannes KarakashianUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullComputational and Applied Mathematics
Wenbow LiUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHAssociateComputational and Applied Mathematics
David ManderscheidUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullAlgebra and Number Theory
Vasileios MaroulasUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullComputational and Applied Mathematics
Shashikant MulayUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullAlgebra and Number Theory
Tim SchulzeUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullComputational and Applied Mathematics
Ioannis SgouralisUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHAssistantComputational and Applied Mathematics
Kenneth StephensonUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullComputational and Applied Mathematics
Christopher StricklandUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHAssistantComputational and Applied Mathematics
Morwen ThistlethwaiteUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullAlgebra and Number Theory
Steven WiseUniveristy of TennesseeUTKARTSCIMATHFullComputational and Applied Mathematics
Boris P. BelinskiyUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIMATHFullApplied Mathdby433-Mathematics-Boris Belinskiy | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Aniekan A. EbiefungUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIMATHFullLinear Algebra and its Applications, Mathematical Programming and complementarity Problemscfv137-Mathematics-Aniekan Ebiefung | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Lani GaoUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIMATHAssociateStatistical computing and machine learning and statistical analytics of clinical datathc544-Mathematics-Cuilan-Gao | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Ziwei MaUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIMATHAssistantStatistical MethodologiesDJD955-Mathematics-Ziwei Ma | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Roger Nichols University of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIMATHAssociateSpectral theory of differential operators, functional analysis, and mathematical physicssrh484-Mathematics-Roger-nichols | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Jin WangUniversity of ChatanoogaUTCARTSCIMATHFullMathematical biology, numerical analysis, scientific computing, and fluid dynamicsDPL783-Mathematics-Jin-Wang | University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (
Michael AllenTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCIMATHFullSpatial statistics, fractional calculus, and material properties of composite materialsMichael Allen (
Yung-Way LiuTennessee Tech UniversityTTUARTSCIMATHFullDifferential Equations, Integral Equations, and their applications to Physics and Engineering.Yung-Way Liu (
Eugene C. FitzhughUniversity of TennesseeUTKCEHHSKRSSAssociatePhysical Activity EpidemiologyEugene C. Fitzhugh, PhD | Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies (
Jared M. PorterUniversity of TennesseeUTKCEHHSKRSSAssociateMotor learningJared M. Porter, PhD | Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies (
Rachel TatarskiUniversity of TennesseeUTKCEHHSKRSSAssistantBiomechanicsRachel Tatarski, PhD, LAT, ATC | Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies (
Joshua T. WeinhandlUniversity of TennesseeUTKCEHHSKRSSAssociateBiomechanicsJoshua T. Weinhandl, PhD | Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies (
Songning ZhangUniversity of TennesseeUTKCEHHSKRSSFullBiomechanicsSongning Zhang, PhD | Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies (
John BellUniversity of TennesseeUTKHASLAMCHAIN SUPPLYFullSupply chain, logisticsJohn Bell | Haslam College of Business (
Randy V. BradleyUniversity of TennesseeUTKHASLAMCHAIN SUPPLYAssociateSupply chain Randy V Bradley | Haslam College of Business (
Christopher W. CraigheadUniversity of TennesseeUTKHASLAMCHAIN SUPPLYFullSupply chainChristopher W. Craighead | Haslam College of Business (
J. Paul DittmannUniversity of TennesseeUTKHASLAMCHAIN SUPPLYFullSupply chain, logisticsPaul Dittmann | Haslam College of Business (
Pam DonovanUniversity of TennesseeUTKHASLAMCHAIN SUPPLYAssistantSupply chain, logisticsPam Donovan | Haslam College of Business (
Alex RodriguesUniversity of TennesseeUTKHASLAMCHAIN SUPPLYLecturerSupply chain, logisticsAlex Rodrigues | Haslam College of Business (
Shay ScottUniversity of TennesseeUTKHASLAMCHAIN SUPPLYFullSupply chainShay Scott | Haslam College of Business (
Ted StankUniversity of TennesseeUTKHASLAMCHAIN SUPPLYFullSupply chain, logisticsTed Stank | Haslam College of Business (
Wendy TateUniversity of TennesseeUTKHASLAMCHAIN SUPPLYFullSupply chainWendy Tate | Haslam College of Business (
Chad AutryUniversity of TennesseeUTKHASLAMCHAIN SUPPLYFullSupply chainChad Autry | Haslam College of Business (
Carrie BaileyUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssistantEducational technology, simulationCarrie Bailey | College of Nursing (
Lynn BeelerUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssistantSimulation in clinical educationLynn Beeler | College of Nursing (
Terrica DurbinUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssistantNurse anesthesia, design thinking and nursingTerrica Durbin | College of Nursing (
Samia DutraUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGFullDevelopment of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseasesSamia Dutra | College of Nursing (
Nan GaylordUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGFullTelehealth services, inter-professional care, Nurse-led careNan Gaylord – Experts Guide (
Mary GuntherUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssociateEmotional IntelligenceMary Gunther | College of Nursing (
Sadie HutsonUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssociateChronic illness, HIV/AIDS and cancerSadie Hutson | College of Nursing (
Katherine MorganUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssistantMulti-chronic conditions, environmental healthKatherine Morgan | College of Nursing (
Carole MyersUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGFullPublic health programs, advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) issues, health care reformCarole Myers | College of Nursing (
Allyson NealUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssistantFamily/Community stress, social determinants of health which can be mitigated through neuroplasticityAllyson Matney Neal | College of Nursing (
Knar SagherianUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssistantFatigue, sleep deficiency, work and agingKnar Sagherian | College of Nursing (
Jennifer SmithUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssistantCardiovascular healthJennifer Smith | College of Nursing (
Sandra ThomasUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGFullWomen’s stress, anger, depression and health-promoting behaviorsSandra Thomas | College of Nursing (
Tracey VitoriUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssistantAgeism, cardiovascular disease, psychological distress in patients with associated effects on caregivers, psychological distress in patients with associated effects on caregivers.Tracey Vitori | College of Nursing (
Tami H. WyattUniveristy of TennesseeUTKNURSINGNURSINGAssociateMobile health, instructional technology and design, simulationTami H. Wyatt | College of Nursing (
Anne W. AlexandrovUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGFullIschemic stroke, arterial blood flow
Xueyuan CaoUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGAssistantPharmacogenomics, pediatric leukemia, integration analysis of high dimension genomic data
Rudra ChannappanavarUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGFullHost-virus interactions, Immune response to infections during aging, immune impairment and enhanced susceptibility
J. Carolyn GraffUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGFullDevelopmental disabilities, chronic health disorders and/or genetic disorders
Wendy LikesUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGFullLower genital tract disease and human papillomavirus (HPV), vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN)
Sarah J. RhoadesUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGFullTelemedicine/telehealth, human impact of technologies and evidence-based implementation of technology, connected health technology/telehealth, maternal and neonatal health
Ansley G. StanfillUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGAssociateInfluence of genetic and epigenetic factors on long-term outcomes after neurological injury and disease, subarachnoid hemorrhage
Shaquita A. StarksUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGFullQuality of life for African American women caring for patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), physical symptoms of depression, anxiety
Reba UmbergerUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGAssistantImmune suppression in survivors of sepsis, cardiac and medical intensive care populations, acute respiratory distress syndrome and sepsis
Melody N. WallerUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGAssistantAfrican American women’s sexual health, Health Disparity, Women’s and Minority Health, evaluate the efficacy of vaginal dilatation to maintain vaginal patency in cervical cancer patients
Mona N. WicksUniveristy of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNURSINGFullInfluence of chronic conditions on families, health and well-being African American women who are caregivers primarily to a chronically ill relative, serious health concern among inner-city adolescents, symptoms of depression and anxiety, caregiver mental health functioning
Valerie K. ArnoldUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCPSYCHIATRYAssociateMood Disorders, Anxiety, insomnia, ADHD
Iverson C. BellUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCPSYCHIATRYAssociateTelepsychiatry
Laura HarrisUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCPSYCHIATRYAssociateMental health
Khyati N. KothariUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCPSYCHIATRYAssistantWomen's Mental Health
Andres RamosUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCPSYCHIATRYAssistantPsychiatric care of pre- and post- transplant pediatric patients, psychosocial care of youth with disorders of sex development
Ferrell E. VarnerUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCPSYCHIATRYAssistantDepression
Norman Von ButtlarUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCPSYCHIATRYAssistantMood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Personality Disorder
Khalid A. AlsherbiniUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYAssociatePredictors of tracheostomy in the brain injured patients, prognosis after cardiac arrest, minimally invasive procedures in ICH, anti epileptic drugs in management of refractory status epilepticus
Abdullah AlshammaaUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYAssistantMagnetoencephalography
Yaohui ChaiUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYAssistantNeuromuscular disease, electromyography
Lucas ElijovichUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYFullCarotid Stenosis, Hemangioma, Seizures
Mark FerranteUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYFullBrachial plexus, EMG, Neuromuscular, Nerve trauma
Mohammad Moshahid KhanUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYAssistantAlzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, dystonia, Oxidative stress and Antioxidants, Neuroinflammation
Joshua John LennonUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYAssistantSleep, neurological disease
Michael P. McdonaldUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYFullBehavioral Neuroscience
E. Jeffrey MetterUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYFullPositron emission tomography in the study of neurological diseases
Katherine NearingUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYAssistantVascular Neurology
Larry T. ReiterUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYFullNeurogenetic syndromes, Drosophila and Human Genetics
Mark RubinUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYAssistantNeurosonology, transcranial Doppler (TCD), carotid duplex ultrasonography (CUS)
Jack W. TsaoUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYFullPhantom Limb Pain, Relationship of concussion to dementia
Lie WangUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYAssistantRodent barrel field cortex, forelimb deafferentation, Phantom limb pain
Andrew N. WilnerUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYAssociateEpilepsy, comorbidities
Jianfeng XiaoUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCNEUROLOGYAssociateNeurogenetics
Lorraine M. AlbrittonUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESFullMechanisms of retroviral entry, development of retroviral and lentiviral vectors for gene therapy of cancer and human diseases
Terrance G. CooperUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESFullTransport systems, transcriptional regulation
Maria Gomes-SoleckiUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESFullDevelopment of antibody detection assays for COVID-19
Ramareddy GuntakaUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESFullControl of Fibrosis by Collagen Gene-Specific Oligonucleotides, Cloning and characterization of Hepatitis C Virus
Collen Beth JonssanUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESFullVirus replication, ecology of infectious diseases, antiviral discovery
Ying KongUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESAssistantTuberculosis pathogenes, Development of anti-tuberculosis therapies from aurone analogues
Kui LiUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESFullVirus-host interactions that regulate pathogenesis and outcome of RNA virus infections
Tony N. MarionUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESFullImmunology, Autoimmunity, autoimmune diseases Flow cytometry and fluorescence activated cell sorting
Mark A. MillerUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESAssociateBacterial pathogenesis and host-pathogen interactions
Satoru K. NishimotoUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESFullMedical Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Marko Z. RadicUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESAssociateAutoimmune disease, antibody-mediated disorders
Jennifer J. TateUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESAssociateNitrogen sensing and gene regulation
Michael A. WhittUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESFullMolecular virology
Ae-Kyung YiUniversity of TennesseeUTHSCUTHSCMOLECULAR SCIENCESFullImmune system, pathogenesis