Aerospace Vehicle Flutter and Vibration

Instructor: Uwe Peter Solies, PhD, Aerospace Engineering

Textbook: References:

  • Scanlan, R.H., and Rosenbaum, R., Aircraft Vibration and Flutter, Dover Publications, New York, 1968
  • Megson, T.H.G., Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students, 3rd edition,
  • Butterworth-Heinemann, Woburn, MA, 2002
  • Bisplinghoff, R.L., Ashleigh, H., Halfman, R.L., Aeroe/asticity , corrected edition, Dover Publications, New York, 1999

Course Content: Review of beam bending and torsion, shear center, aerodynamic center, mass and stiffness matrices, aerodynamic coefficients, static aero-elastic phenomena, wing torsional divergence, control reversal and mass balancing, vibrations in vacuum, natural modes, inertia coupling, two- and three-dimensional flutter of wings, control surfaces and empennages; flutter test methods and test planning for ground and flight testing.


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