This course is a detailed presentation of all aspects of the history, design, and performance of solid rocket motors.  It offers a comprehensive, up-to-date, and balanced view of solid rocket technology.  It provides access to the vast literature on this technology.  

The course demonstrates practical application of experimental, analytical, and computational tools in rocket motor design, testing, performance estimation, manufacturing, stability prediction, and the solution of development problems.  Unresolved design issues and special problems requiring continued development and research are identified.

Topics covered in this four-day course are:

1.  Propulsion fundamentals and historical outline
2. Solid rocket design and performance computations
3. Review of available analytical software programs
4.  Internal ballistics of solid rockets
5.  Solid propellant burning rate
6.  Design of propellant grain to provide desired motor performance
7.  Solid rocket propellants and chemistry
8.  Motor ignition
9.  Motor case design and fabrication
10.  Nozzle design and fabrication
11.  Propellant mechanical properties
12.  Solid rocket service life estimation
13.  Unsteady effects in solid rocket operation
14.  Effects of axial spin on SRM operation
15.  Combustion instability case studies
16.  Unsteady flow field mechanisms
17.  Combustion stability predictive and diagnostic tools
18.  Corrective procedures for various unexpected operational problems